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DrRashid - a mixture of nuts and fruits - natural, 500 g

Mix of nuts and fruits Dr. Rashid. 500 g content.

DrRashid - fruit mixture - forest mix, 500 g

Forest Fruit Mix Rashid. 500 g content.

Diana - dried pineapple slices, 100 g

Pineapple has always been one of the exotic delicacies that were served mainly on the richer boards. It has also...

Diana - dried ginger cubes, 100 g

Originally an exotic plant from Asia, it has been known and used in Europe for centuries. Ginger is called a...

Diana - Large-dried cranberries - cranberries, 100 g

Hooray on a large cranberry, which contains a special substance, proanthocyanide, which prevents bacteria from...

Diana - prunes without stone, 150 g

Prunes are a traditional fruit that is popular around the world. Not surprisingly, besides having an excellent...

Diana - dried banana chips, 100 g

Dried banana slices Diana. 100 g content.

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