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Tyčinka Nature Valley k nákupu Lipton

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Excellence Mini 70% Cocoa 1,1 kg

One-portion 70% chocolate to coffee. Lindt EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa is a balanced, bitter chocolate with a delicate...

Segafredo Bio Biscottino - coffee biscuit - 200 pcs

Crispy butter coffee biscuit with delicious vanilla tones. Pack of 200 pcs, price per pack.

Lavazza - cream

Portion coffee cream, 10 g. Price for 120 pcs.

Lavazza - sugar

Portion sugar, 4 g. Price for 1000 pcs.

Lavazza - almonds

Almonds in chocolate and cocoa. Price for 200 pcs.

Segafredo - Almond in chocolate and cocoa

Almonds in chocolate and cocoa. Price per 100 pieces.

Segafredo - coffee creamer

Coffee creamer - 10%, 10 g. Price for 100 pce.

Segafredo - sugar

Sugar - 3,63 g. Price for 1000 pce.


Biscuits for coffee 6,25 g, 50 pcs in pack

Manner - crunchy mini waffles - 1260 g

Mini waffles to coffee, 1260 g. Price per 300 pieces.

Manner - crunchy mini waffles

Mini crispy wafers with nut filling. Content 15 g. Price for 60 pcs.

Hellma - almonds in cocoa

Almonds in Cocoa. Price per 100 pcs.

Piazza D´Oro - butter buscuits

Butter biscuits, 6g. Price for 200 pce.

Piazza Doro - Sugar portions

Portions sugar, 4 grams Package includes 900 pieces, price per pack.

Piazza Doro - sliced creamer

Portioned creamer, 10 g Price per 120 pcs.

Piazza d'Oro - almonds in chocolate, 200 pieces

Almonds in milk chocolate. Price per 200 pieces.

Tchibo - chocolate - 5 g, 10 pcs

Single-portioned milk chocolate for coffee, 5g Price for 10pcs.

Ritter Sport - mini chocolates

Mini chocolates, 7 kinds, 84 x 16,67 g. Price for package.

Lavazza - dark chocolates, 200 pcs

Dark chocolate, 5g. Price for 200pcs.

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