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Maped Start Metal Half Strip - staples

All-metal stapler Maped Start Metal Half Strip. On 20 sheets, insertion depth 57 mm. For staples 24/6 and 26/6.

Maped Greenlogic Half Strip - ecological stapler - for 20 sheets

Ecological stapler made of recycled plastic. Metal mechanism. Paper loading depth 53 mm, wires 24/6, 26/6. On 20 sheets.

Maped Essentials Metal Pocket - stapler

Small-quality all-metal stapler. Paper insertion depth 40 mm. Wires No. 10. 15 sheets.

Novus B8 FC - stapler

Desktop stapler with flat stitching. Thanks to technology Power on Demand ® stitched up to 50 sheets with power...

Maped Advanced Metal Plier - stapler - 40 sheets

High-quality all-steel clamp stapler increased capacity tray for smooth stitching. The innovative mechanism to...

Maped Expert - modern metal stapler

Modern metal stapler with a great place to store wires. Simple front performance. Depth of insertion of paper 54 mm...

SAX 140 - universal - stapler

Metal table stapler. Depth of paper inserting 70 mm. Staples 24/6, 26/6, 24/8, 26/8. Capacity 45 sheets.

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