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  • Preview image of product Isolda hand cream

    Isolda hand cream, Aloe vera, regenerating cream

    Hand Cream, 100 ml. Increased content of natural aloe extract cream imparts excellent regenerative properties. A combination of natural substances supplemented with vitamin E restores the barrier...

  • Preview image of product Indulona Profi - Hand Cream - 100 ml

    Indulona Profi - Hand Cream - 100 ml, 100 ml

    Grease-replenishing protective hand cream. Daily treatments stressed and cracked skin and its protection before and after work with irritants. Maintains the natural protective layer of the skin,...

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Septoclenium - disinfectant gel - 100 ml

Designed and tested for hygienic hand disinfection (according to ČSN 1500), bactericidal, levurocidal (fungicidal on...

Riva - disinfectant gel - 100 ml

Rinse cleansing and disinfecting gel for hands, works without soap and water. Destroys viruses (eg coronaviruses -...

Solvina měsíček - regenerative hand cream

Gentle, regenerative, soothing, protective hand cream enriched with marigold extract a glycerine. Marigold extract...

Nivea Creme - nourishing cream

Nourishing cream protects and intensively cares of all types of skin.

Lilien - hand cream

Hand and nail. Of olive oil and vitamin A, promotes young look and accelerates skin cell renewal. It also promotes...

Indulona - hand cream - for men

Indulona for men with olive oil. Stressed skin provides intense hydration, regeneration and protection. Content 85 ml.

Lape - hand cream - lemon tea, 300 ml

The cream regenerates the hands and leaves them soft and supple. Just apply a small amount of hand cream and simply...

Disinfecting hand gel PLUS, 250 ml

PLUS Desinfecting Gel 250ml

Hand disinfection - 1 l

Liquid hand disinfectant with Aloe Vera.

Clenium Fortexan - hand disinfectant - 250 ml, spray

Disinfectant solution for skin and hands.

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