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Activně dětem

ACTIVELY for children

Since 2006 ACTIVA has supported selected children’s institutions and other regional organizations which are helping children. Every year, we distribute an amount to selected organizations for which they can choose the products they need for their work during the year (

Until 31. 12. 2022 ACTIVA has donated over 13,561.860 CZK for goods given away.

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Activně přírodě

ACTIVELY for children

We feel the desire to eliminate negative impact on the environment. We do act accordingly. We want to encourage those who share our vision.

  • We are holders of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental management systems certificate, i.e we comply with environmentally oriented requirements and minimize negative effects on the enviroment.
  • We are holders of EKO-KOM certificate, concluding the contract of pursuance on return of toners and cartridges and its disposal.
  • We are holder of REMA certification, i.e. we meet obligations of separate collection, return collection, processing, use and disposal of electronic products and waste.

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