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Clenium Fortexan - disinfectant wipes - 100 pcs

Disinfectant wipes for skin and hands. In a package of 100 towels.

Septoclenium - disinfectant wipes with alcohol - box, 100 pcs

Wet alcohol wipes for disinfecting surfaces, work surfaces, personal electronics, and other resistant surfaces . ...

Clenium Antibacterial Wipes - disinfectant wipes - 100 pcs

Non-alcoholic disinfectant for personal electronics and work surfaces with full virucidal effect. For fast and...

Septoclenium - disinfectant wipes - 100 pcs

Wet wipes for disinfection, surfaces, work surfaces, personal electronics and other alcohol-resistant surfaces.

Clenium Fortexan - hand disinfectant - 250 ml, spray

Disinfectant solution for skin and hands.

Bokang BK 8005 - non-contact infrared digital thermometer

The Bokang BK 8005 non-contact medical infrared thermometer measures the temperature without contact, thus...

3M Nexcare - disinfectant gel

Quick-drying antiseptic hand gel that removes impurities without the use of water or soap. A very quick and easy to...

Lilien - hygienic hand gel - 500 ml

Cleansing gel with antimicrobial additive ensures a high level of hand hygiene. Use: Use the gel undiluted, rub in...

Ico Antibacterial - ballpoint pen

Plastic ballpoint pen in the cradle. Self-adhesive for mounting wheels. Made of materials that contain ingredients...

ICO Signetta Antibacterial - antibacterial ballpoint pen

The ICO Signetta antibacterial ballpoint pen offers a solution wherever a large number of people use the same...

ICO Olimpia Antibacterial - antibacterial ballpoint pen

The ICO Olimpia Antibacterial ballpoint pen offers a solution wherever a large number of people use the same writing...

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