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Pilot Frixion Clicker Gold

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CELLO U-NIC - blue ballpoint pen

Attractive plastic ballpoint pen with metalized finish. Metal front, clip and snap button. Rubber bottom for a...

Cello Tri-Grip - ball pen - blue

Transparent plastic body with removable cap. Rubberized grip and triangular profile for easy grip. Line width 0.7 mm.

Cello Slimo - disposable ball pen - blue

Disposable ball pen. Plastic transparent body in blue with removable cap. Blue refill. Tip 1,0 mm, track width 0,7 mm.

ICO Signetta Antibacterial - antibacterial ballpoint pen

The ICO Signetta antibacterial ballpoint pen offers a solution wherever a large number of people use the same...

Cello Quick - disposable ballpoint pen - blue

Disposable ballpoint pen with click mechanism. Track width 0.5 mm, writing length 790 - 950 m.

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