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Tesa 59099 - adhesive stamp - 10 m x 8,4 mm

The tesa® adhesive stamp is fast and reliable lightweight adhesive such as photos, notes, certificates, or plain...

Pritt Compact Roller - glue roller

Single-shot with permanent glue. 8,4 mm x 8,5 m.

Pritt Mini Roller - glue roller

Single-shot with non-permanent glue. 8,4 mm x 8,5 m.

Tesa Easy Refill Roller - refill

Refill for correction roller Tesa Easy Refill Roller.

Tesa Easy Refill Roller - adhesive roller

Adhesive disposable roller, made from 100 % recycled content . Two kinds of glue, permanent a non permanent. 8,4 mm...

Milan Glue Tape - adhesive roller - 8,4 mm x 5 m - color mix

Adhesive dispenser that completely replaces adhesive sticks, liquid adhesives and adhesive tapes. The paper is not...

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