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Take a Break - waste bin - with a lid 6 l

Practical small wastebasket, footboard. The lid prevents leakage of odors. Suitable for food - HACCP.

Plastic waste bin for paper towels

Plastic waste bin for paper towels. Possible to hand on the wall. 500 x 300 x 250 mm. Capacity 35 l.

Cep First - waste bin - 16 liters

Plastic waste bin. 100% recyclable. Volume 16 l. Height 317 mm, ø 300 mm.

Wham - plastový odpadkový koš - 8 l, 23 × 19 × 37 cm, bílý

plastic trash can, pop-up. Ergonomic shape. Suitable for use in households, work and commercial space.

CEP Maxi - waste bin - blue, 40 l

Large waste bin. Suitable for copier.

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