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Durable Trend - waste bin - 16 l, white

Elegant plastic waste bin with convenient carrying handles for easy handling. Volume 16 l. Height 330 mm, diameter...

Esselte Vivida - waste bin

Plastic waste bin, flat inside for easier cleanig. Capacity 14 l , 258 x 322 x 285 mm.

Plastic waste bin for paper towels

Plastic waste bin for paper towels. Possible to hand on the wall. 500 x 300 x 250 mm. Capacity 35 l.

Tork Elevation - waste bin for paper towels

Waste bin with cover. 629 x 389 x 289 mm. Capacity 50 l.

Tork Elevation - cover to the waste bin

Cover for Tork Elevation waste bin.

Tork Elevation - waste bin

Plastic waste bin

Rubbermaid Pedal Bin - stepping waste bin

Waste bin with cover. Stepping mechanism. Round corners and full-plastic construction enables easy cleaning. Content...

Rubbermaid - waste bin Trio

Plastic pedal waste bin. Three separate containers for separating waste. Internal color-coded containers with a...

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