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Safescan 70 - counterfeit detector

Counterfeit detector. A complete solution for quickly authenticating banknotes, credit cards, passports and other ID...

Safescan 45 - counterfeit detector

Counterfeit detector. For all bank notes, credit cards and documents with UV elements. Power: 230 V / 50Hz - 12 W....

Safescan 2250 LCD - money counter

Money counter. LCD displays quantity being counted. Testing of all protection elements - UV elements, IR elements,...

Safescan 1200 - money counter

Money counter for CZK coins. Counts 220 pcs per minute. Container for 300 - 500 coins. Total quantity counter....

Safescan 2000 - money counter

Small pocket money counter, quick and easy using. Package contains protect cover, carrying case, users manual a...

Money Checker -currency detector

Detector for snapping of authenticity of banknotes. Make the mark on the banknote. If it stays transparent, the...

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