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Fino Silver Block - dish sponge - 2 pcs

Profiled sponges, suitable for everyday use. Price for 2 pcs.

Fino Green Life - dish sponge - 2 pcs

Flexi sponges made from natural recycled synthetic materials. Price for 2 pcs.

Scotch-Brite Magic - dish sponge - 2 pcs

The Scotch-British Magic Sponge, a real cleaning revolution. Price for 2 pieces.

Scotch-Brite Classic - dish sponge - 4 + 4 pcs

High-performance cleaning sponge. Price for 4 + 4 free.

Scotch-Brite Classic - dish sponge - 2 + 1 pcs

High-performance cellulose cleaning sponge. Price for 2 + 1 free.

Vileda Glitzi Always Clean - sponge - 2 pcs

Extra absorbent sponge with active PUR coating to remove even the toughest dirt. 2 pcs in a package.

Vileda - sponge

Washing up sponge with wavelike bottom side.

Vileda Glitzi - sponge

Sponge with steel wool

Vileda Tip Top - sponge

High quality with steel wool pad for everyday use. Price for 5 pcs.

Vileda - dish-wash damper

Sponges on dishes with high quality wool and wheat. Price for 9 pieces.

Spontex Economic - shaped dish sponge

Shaped dish sponge. Green abrasive layer, nail protection.Price per 3 pcs.

Spontex - steel wool

Wire wool, 3 pcs.

Spontex Twist - cleaning sponge

Gentle PU sponge in lurex cover. 1 pc

Spontex Economy - sponge dish

Sponge for washing dishes with steel wool. Price for 10 pcs.

Spontex Steelmax - scourer

Steel scourer. Price per 3 pcs.

Spontex - ergonomical dish-brush

Brush the pan with ergonomic handle, mix colors.

Spontex Marathon 2 - viscose sponge - 2pc

Durable and highly absorbent viscose sponge, made of natural material. 2v1 = + sponge cloth, red abrasive layer for...

Spontex 3 Mosaik - dish sponge - 3 pcs

Medium-sized, molded sponge with a unique design, a special steel wool that is more resistant to wear for...

Spontex Supermax + - dish sponge - 3 pcs

Dish sponge with high efficiency and durability. Package contains 3 pcs.

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