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Speciální pásky, spreje

Pásky a spreje pro bezpečnost na schodech nebo v prostoru.



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Non-slip tape - 50 mm x 5 m

The yellow-black self adhesive tape with rough surface, which reduces the risk of slipping. Suitable for marking...

Tempo Marker - Marking Spray - Orange, 500 ml

Neon marking spray intended for temporary markings in the cities and in the countryside. Usage: marking the position...

Tesa Basic - anti-slip tape - black, 25 mm x 4 m

Ideal protection against accidents on stairs, ramps, ladders, boats and other slippery surfaces where solid ground...

Tesa Tape - adhesive tape

Velice pevná, odolná PVC samolepicí páska s pruhy pro značení a výstražné účely.

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