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  • Preview image of product Maped Essentials Eco - plastic ruler

    Maped Essentials Eco - plastic ruler, 30 cm

    Economical office ruler. Printed scale resistant to UV radiation. Very good clarity, color black. Instead of personal markings. Thickness of 2 mm.

  • Preview image of product Maped Graphic - ruler

    Maped Graphic - ruler, 30 cm

    Transparent plastic ruler with quality marking. Calibrated with special exemplary colour.

List of products

Koh-I-Noor - setsquare

Setsquare with guideline, 16 cm.

Maped Graphic Maxi - set of rullers

4 pieces set of rulers with high quality signage. The scales are printed using UV ink, and are extremely durable....

Maped Shatterproof - set of flexible rullers

Set of color flexible drawing instruments. Mix colors. Kit includes: 30 cm ruler, triangle 60 / 21 cm, triangle 45 /...

Maped Loupe - underlining ruler with magnifier

Underlining ruler with a magnifying glass. Length 25 cm, width 2.5 cm. Delivered incl. Textile protective sleeve.

Maped - setsquare

Rectangular setsquare with guideline, protractor and removable handle.

Maped Start - ergonomic metal compass

Economical metal compass with 2mm lead. Ergonomic grip for better use.

Maped Stop System - trammel

Simple brass trammel with point cover and mechanism of lead moving. New system providing fastening of arms in set...

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