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ActivaACTIVA is the most powerful Czech company in the field of office supplies in our market, operating on the market since 1992. For more than 30 years, it has established its position as the domestic leader in the end supply of office supplies to all types of entities including international companies and state administration.

It currently trades with more than 14,800 legal entities throughout the Czech Republic, supplying 48,000 delivery points for 10,100 office items including refreshments and cleaning supplies as standard on the next business day with offices distributed.

A further approx. 12,000 items are contracted for full service to its long-term customers.

Turnover in 2023 was CZK 1,749 billion.


  • has long been one of the companies preferring electronic communication with its customers and in recent years it has been the leading company in the field also thanks to the use of the latest technologies.
  • has a logistically connected network of regional branches in Praha, Ostrava, Brno, Plzeň, Liberec, Hradec Králové, Olomouc, České Budějovice and Ústí nad Labem. The company headquarters is located in Praha - Letňany, where the required goods are immediately shipped from the central warehouse of 20,500 square meters.
  • the company has been operating in Slovakia under the name Activa Slovakia s.r.o.



ACTIVA, it's not just office supplies. We are:

  • direct importer and distributor of world brands such as Parker, Waterman, Lamy, Moleskine, Maped, Faber-Castell, Schneider, Walker, Pigna, Sharpie or Elmer´s.
  • retailer of luxury stationery, notebooks, diaries and accessories of Parker, Waterman, Lamy, Montblanc, Moleskine and Filofax brands, which we sell through our own network of stone shops BIBELOT and via e-shop
  • Since 2010, the operator of the e-shop Activáč, which focuses on selling school and art needs of both world brands, which are in our distribution, as well as leading domestic brands
  • Since 2011, the seller of designer furniture, lighting fixtures, carpets and accessories oriented to the needs of the demanding customer under the brand STOCKIST



ACTIVA are also active athletes and fans

  • our 2 football teams regularly participate in the international competition of corporate football teams - the Golden Tour series.
  • cyclists are welcome at Activa. With the support of management, we have repeatedly organized a Call To Work By Bike from spring to autumn.