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1. How secure you want a shredder to be?

In general the more secure the shredding is the smaller particles you get.

ZYou may get particles or strips. Manufacturers have a scale from 1 (lowest security level=biggest particles) to 6 highest security level = smallest particles).


2. How many documents will you shred a day?

All manufacturers states the capacity of cutting mechanism for one shredding process.

Attention! All specifications contain data for one sheet of A4 70 g/sqm paper. However most of the copy papers used in the office is 80g/sqm, it is then necessary to deduct approx. 10 % from this number stated by manufacturers.

ATTENTION: Going past the recommended capacity of one shredding cycle will damage cutting mechanism and it will lead to malfunctioning and it’s likely to cause a damage beyond repair.


3. How big the wastebasket should be?

Capacity is being stated in litres.

Shredders we deliver have capacity ranging from 10l to 50 l. According to your operational requirements (users) and space disposition (space – under a desk, into a hall, or into a designated room) you will choose the right size.


4. Do you want to shred paper only?

Common shredders shred paper and staples, better shredders shred paper clips. Some shredders also shred CD/ DVD’s or credit cards.



5. In the end you may base your selection on:

  • brand
  • design
  • mobility - shredders with wheels
  • security features including dust filter, voice turn off
  • user’s amenity, eg. integrated oil dispenser

Now you can choose a shredder that meets your requirements the most.


Údržba skartovačky

Basics for long-run trouble-free use of a shredder:

  1. NEVER go past the limit of recommended capacity of cutting mechanism
  2. NEVER shred material that is out of the scope of what can be shred
  3. Regularly (min. once a week) oil the cutting mechanism



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