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Secalo - peanut nibbles - 60 g

Peanut nibbles. Content 60 g.

Havlík Bella Italia - extra long sticks - herb, 220 g

Thin long sticks of the Italian type made from selected flour with olive oil and a completely unique way of baking....

Havlík Pohodovky - extra long sticks - Salted, 250 g

Extra long durable sticks Pohodovky, salted. Content 250 g.


Pringles - salty snacks - Original, 40 g

Salty chips with an intense flavor in each bite. Content 165 g.

DrRashid - mixed nuts - natural, 500 g

Mix of nuts Dr. Rashid. Package content 500 g.

Lay´s - oven baked potatoes - Salted, 125 g

Oven-baked potato chips, lower in fat. Salted, content 125 g.

Lay´s - oven baked potatoes - Yogurt and herbs, 125 g

Oven-baked potato chips, lower in fat. Flavored with yogurt and herbs, content 125 g.

Lorenz Saltletts Sticks - salt sticks, 150 g

Lorenz Saltletts Sticks, salt sticks, 150 g, price for 1 piece.

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