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Tork Xpress Multifold Soft - skládané papírové ručníky - 2vrstvé, 21,2 x 25,5 cm, 180 ks

2-layer fine paper towels that are gentle on the hands and provide a feeling of high quality. Suitable for H2 system...

primaSOFT Maxi - paper towels in a roll - 2-layer, roll 110 m

2-layer paper towels in a roll made of cellulose with central unwinding. Coil 110 m, piece 19.5 x 24 cm, diameter 18...

Paper towels - 2-ply, white, 20 x 150 pcs

2-layer folded towels made of 100% cellulose, suitable for Standard and primaSOFT dispensers. Size of fragments...

Tork Universal ZZ - paper towels

Folded paper towelsto dispensers.

Tork - recycled folded paper towels

Recycled 2-ply folded paper towels, pack of 250 pcs. For containers of H3 system.

PrimaSoft - paper towels - 2-ply, 20 x 150 pcs

2-layer folded towels made of 100% cellulose, suitable for primaSOFT dispensers. Size of fragments 21 x 24 cm. Price...

Terry towel 50 × 100 macrophages

package 1 pce, mix of colour

Cotton towel

Terry bath towel from microfibre. Mix colors can be choose.

Tork PeakServe - paper towels - 1-layer, white

1-layer white paper towels designed for toilets and high-attendance washrooms.

Tork Heavy-Duty - resistant paper towels - 2 layers, white

2-layer white durable multipurpose paper towels for demanding tasks associated with wiping. They have high wet...

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