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  • Preview image of product Mechanik - utility combined gloves

    Mechanik - utility combined gloves, size 10

    Utility combined gloves - palm from leather, backhand and sleeves from textile.

  • Preview image of product 3M™ 1100 Ear plugs

    3M™ 1100 Ear plugs, 1100, 2 ks

    The 3M™ 1100 Ear plugs are made from soft hypoallergenic PU foam material to provide maximum comfort and low pressure inside the ear. Its smooth, dirt resistant surface provides better hygiene,...

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Martor Secumax 150 - security cutter

Ergonomically shaped safety cutter with concealed blade. For cutting, scraping and scoring. Dimension 148 x 11 x...

Martor Secumax 145 - security cutter

A small, practical knife suitable for everyday cutting. It is easy to open single layer cardboard boxes, is...

MARTOR SECUPRO 625 - safety cutter

A knife made for maximum user satisfaction even when cutting very hard. It has a long lever to extend the blade, a...

MARTOR SECUNORM PROFI40 - safety knife - spare blades, 10 pcs

Spare blades for the Martor Secunorm Profi40 Safety Knife. Length: 71.20 mm Height: 18.00 mm : 0.50 mm

Martor Secupro Maxisafe - safety cutter

Safety knife with fully automatic blade pull.

Martor Secunorm 540 - safety cutter

The Safety cutter with a cutting depth of up to 36 mm the SECUNORM 540 occupies its own terrain.

Disposable cap - size L, 53 cm

Disposable cap without peak, protection of products against contamination and hair against dirt. Material -...

Disposable hygienic drape - drape, FFP1, 50 pcs

Three-layer disposable face mask. The mask traps various types of impurities in several layers and the smallest...

3M SecureFit ™ SF200YC1 - goggles - yellow lens

Lightweight goggles with 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology. Weight 18 g.

3M Virtua ™ AP Safety - goggles - gray lens

Safety glasses 3M Virtua ™ AP Safety with gray solid polycarbonate lenses. Weight 26 g.

3M Virtua ™ AP Safety - goggles - clear lens

Safety glasses 3M Virtua ™ AP Safety with polycarbonate anti-scratch lenses. Weight 26 g.

3M SecureFit SF201 - protective eyewear

Stylish, lightweight design weighs less than 1oz. Features proprietary 3M™ Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology that...

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