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Domestos Pro Formula - wc gel - 1 l

Highly effective cleaning agent that reduces limescale build up and removes water-soluble inorganic sediments and...

Toilet Duck - WC čistič - Garden Escape, 750 ml

Cleaning product for the toilet with a long-lasting fresh scent. Content 750 ml.

Jar Original All in One - kapsle do myčky - 4 x 46 kapslí

Capsules for the dishwasher. The package contains 85 capsules.

Sanytol - dezinfekční čistič na koupelny a vodní kámen - 600 ml

The disinfecting cleaner effectively prevents the spread of unwanted microorganisms, mold and scale formation. It...

IO Splendo - čistič na rez a vodní kámen - 750 ml

Liquid rust and scale remover is an unbeatable quality in the fight against rust, scale and soap deposits.

l´Ecologico Igiene - wc gel - 750 ml

Gentle toilet cleaner with a pleasant lavender scent, removes limescale and, thanks to its ability to adhere to the...

l´Ecologico Lucida Bagno - čistič koupelny - 750 ml

Hypoallergenic cleaner with a fresh scent for daily cleaning in the bathroom. Suitable for sinks, bathtubs, sinks,...

Savo Bez chloru - čisticí prostředek - pomeranč, 700 ml

Liquid detergent and disinfectant spray without chlorine is suitable for washable surfaces throughout the home. The...

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