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Lindor Milk - chocolate pralines - milk, 1000 g

Delicate milk chocolate pralines with a filling created with passion by the Swiss chocolate masters Lindt. Content...

Merci - chocolate box - 250 g

The classic merci chocolate collection - eight delicious and carefully selected merci Finest Selection chocolate...

Merci Petits Crunch Collection - chocolate bars - 125 g

Merci Petits – small, soft creamy merci chocolates with pieces of crunchy almonds in popular flavors. Content 125 g.

Merci Petits Milk & Cream Collection - chocolate bars - 125 g

Merci Petits – small, delicate milk and cream merci chocolates in popular flavors. Content 125 g.

Merci Petits Chocolate Collection - chocolates - 125 g

Merci Petits – small, delicate merci chocolates in the flavors coffee and cream, milk, almond and cream, bitter,...

Merci Lovelies - chocolate pralines - 185 g

Fine chocolate pralines Merci Lovelies in five variants. Content 185 g.

Lindor Milk - chocolate pralines

Delicious chocolate pralines with filling created by the passion of Lindt Swiss Chocolate Masters.

Milka Singles Mix - mini chocolate - milk, 138 g

Mini milk chocolates with different fillings (30 pieces), 138 g.

Coffee Amo - mini chocolates - mix of flavors, 1 kg

Mini chocolates Coffe Amo with coffee flavors. Content 1 kg.

Ritter Sport - mini chocolates

Mini chocolates, 7 kinds, 84 x 16,67 g. Price for package.

Choco exclusive - almonds in chocolate - mix of types, 200 g

Roasted almond kernels in chocolate. Content 200 g. Contains: roasted almond kernels in white chocolate...

Hazelnuts in milk chocolate - 175 g

Roasted hazelnut in milk chocolate - 175 g.

Almonds in dark chocolate - 175 g

Almonds in dark chocolate - 175g.

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