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Finish Eco - dishwasher tablets - 70 tablets

Dishwasher tablets enriched with baking soda. They minimize the impact on the environment. Effective even with...

Finish Quantum Shine&Protect - dishwasher tabs

The new multiuse glass capsule protects against corrosion of glass. The contents of 60 tablets.

Finish All In 1 Max Lemon - dishwasher tablets - 48 tablets

Tablets with the scent of lemons will handle everything that comes their way. Their effective composition overcomes...

Finish - dishwasher salt

Special dishwasher salt with extra large granules. Softens water for optimum detergent action and thereby...

Finish - dishwasher cleaner

cleaner dishwasher. removes deposits, grease and scale. Dishwasher leaves hygienically clean. Act preventively...

Finish - dishwasher cleaner - Regular, 2 x 250 ml

Dishwasher cleaner. Removes deposits, grease and scale. Leaves the dishwasher hygienically clean. Contains 2 ×...

Calgonit - salt to dish-washer

Dishwasher agent.

Finish All In 1 Max Lemon - tablety do myčky - 80 tablet

Tablets containing baking soda will handle everything in their path. Their effective composition overcomes even the...

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