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Tescoma Online - roll towel stand - height 310 mm, diameter 150 mm

Rack for towels in a roll. For storing and removing paper towels in rolls of regular sizes. Removing the towels from...

Tescoma Online - napkin stand - 195 x 190 x 115 mm

Napkin stand for clear storage and easy removal of napkins and convenient carrying. An attractive range of kitchen...

Tescoma Online - tray - 321 x 220 x 2 mm

Elegant tray for drinks and small dishes. Made of durable bamboo wood. Clean with a damp cloth, do not wash in the...

Tescoma Online - napkin dispenser - 105 x 258 x 150 mm

In the Tescoma Online tissue dispenser, you can conveniently store tissues in low and tall boxes and easily remove...

Tescoma Online - tea bag tray - 170 x 235 x 95 mm

The Tescoma Online container is ideal for neatly storing and serving portioned teas. Thanks to the partition with 6...

Fino - baking paper - roll, 380 mm x 8 m

The baking paper can be used on both sides and you can use it to line any form or tray. The magic of very strong...

Fino - baking paper - 30 sheets, 420 x 380 mm

Paper for baking. It can be used on both sides and you can line any mold or sheet with it. Thanks to the baking...

Safety matches - 40 mm, 10 x 38 pcs

Small safety matches. Supplied in a mix of species. 40 mm long. There are 38 matches in the box. Price for 10 boxes.

Fino - food foil - 30 m, 9 microns

Food foil ideal for covering, packing, freezing and storing food. Foil thickness 9 microns, roll 30 meters.

Fino - food foil - 20 m, 7 microns

Food foil ideal for covering, packing, freezing and storing food. Strength 7 microns, coil 20 meters.

Fino - ice bags - 10 bags, 240 cubes

Self-closing ice bags in the shape of cubes. There are 10 bags in a pack, each with 24 cubes.

CEP TaB - storage station

Drawer plastic module with 3 drawers to store tea bags, coffee pods, sugar, napkins and other items for coffee and...

CEP TaB - sweet box

Elegant plastic sweet box. Volume of 0.6 liters. Can be placed into a serving tray Take a Break. 90 × 90 × 115 mm.

CEP TaB - distributor tray

Serving Tray. Allows elegant serving tea / coffee making facilities, along with condiments and desserts. The tray...

CEP TaB - rectangular tray

Practical serving tray. 532 × 372 mm.

Toro - stainless steel tray

Tray of stainless steel, suitable for dishwashers. Oval, 30 cm

Tescoma Presto - cutting mat

An excellent for slicing and serving meals, designed for intensive daily use. Made of excellent resistant plastic,...

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