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Tescoma CLUB - jar

Sugar box or cheese for household and restaurant. With teaspoon. Made from stainless steel, glass and durable...

Tescoma CLUB - napkins stand

Napkins stand. Made from stainless steel, glass and durable plastics. Surface adjustment of metallic parts - matt.

Tescoma Presto - cutting mat

An excellent for slicing and serving meals, designed for intensive daily use. Made of excellent resistant plastic,...

Tescoma President - towel stand

Perfect for stylish storage of paper towels in rolls. Made from high-grade stainless steel and resistant plastic....

Tesomca Presto - kitchen glove

Elegant kitchen gloves with extended wrist protection. Each is equipped with a magnet and a loop for hanging....

Tescoma Presto - lemon squeezer

Lemon squeezer. Price per 2 pcs.

Freshbox - set of food jars - square, 0,4 / 0,7 / 1,2 l

Set of plastic bowls. Excellent for storing and transporting food. Provided with an airtight and watertight cap -...

Tescoma Precioso - Cutting mat

NanoCARE ™ surface coatings do not leave stains on the surface of the board or smell of food. All dirt can be washed...

Tescoma myDrink - leaching strainer

Sieve with adjustable hole size, excellent for soft leaching of fine teas or intensive leaching of herbs, dried...

Tescoma Fancy Home Stones - ceramic vase - height 17 cm

Vase made of first-class ceramics with high-quality durable glaze. Height 17 cm.

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