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Rey Copy Paper

Quality paper for everyday use in office. Suitable for monochromatic ink and laser printing, copying and faxes. A4,...

Economy - Punched pocket

Suspension punched pocket "U". Format A4. Package of 100 pcs. Price for 1 piece.

Durable milk semi-bold

Semi-bold durable milk, 1 l, 12 pcs in pack

Economy - Punched pocket

Transparent suspension punched pocket U. Format A4. Package of 100 pcs. Price for a package.

Cream for coffee

Portioned coffee and tea creamer, 10 g. Price for package of 10 pcs.

Linteo Satin - paper towels

2-ply paper towels. 50 sheets, length 10 m. Tolerance + / - 5%. Price for 2 pcs roles.

Centropen Permanent 2846 - marker

Black plastic body. Protector with clip and plug in the color of ink. Permanent ink, water-resistant and...

Durable milk full-bold

Full-bold durable milk, 1 l, 12 pcs in pack

Coffe creamer

Portion coffee creamer, 10 g. Price for 240 pcs.

Aquila - still table water

Natural mineral water, neutral pH. Still, 6 x 1,5 l.

Linteo Satin - paper tissues

Paper tissues, 2-ply. Tolerance +/- 5 %. Price per pack.

Centropen 8566 - marker

Black plastic body, top and cap with clip in colour of permanent ink, roung jag 2,5 mm. Package - 10 pcs, price for...

Spontex Economy - sponge dish

Sponge for washing dishes with steel wool. Price for 10 pcs.

thermosensitive cashier roll - 80/80/12 mm

Banking and cashier terminals thermosensitive roll

Express Stick - single-shot ball pen

Transparent plastic body, visible ink status. Cap and top in colour of the ink. Quality writing is provided thanks...

KORES - glue stick

Glue stick for universal use in the office. Weight 15 g

Centropen Fax 2822 - highlighter

Ink colour thin plastic barrel, cap with clip.All paper fluorescent ink. Drying out resistance min. 3 years. Pack of...

Durable milk TATRA - semi-fat

Semi-fat durable milk, 1 l, 6 pcs in pack. Price for 1 pce.

Hopax Stick n Notes - sticky notes

multicolored adhesive pad 76 x 76 mm, 400 sheets.

SYMBIO COPY - A4 office paper

Office A4 paper suitable for copiers, laser and inkjet printers.