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Loctite 60 Sekund - superglue - 15 g

Extremely fast and firm universal glue. For bonding can be 10 seconds to correct the glued joints, three seconds can...

Kores Power Glue - instant glue set

Instant gel glue. Wont flow from the surface. Multipurpose. 3 x tube 1 gr.

LOCTITE Super Attak - glue remover

Remove all kind of glue from all types of textiles or sticked fingers. Re-glue wrongly repaired items and help...

LOCTITE Super Attak Power Gel - quick drying glue

Universal instant glue. Gel, correctable for few seconds. Content 3 g.

LOCTITE Super Attak Liquid - quick drying glue

Universal instant glue. Content 3 g.

Loctite Super Bond Gel - super glue

Universal liquid glue. The new waterproof formula. High quality, immediate effect. Gel form does not drip and drip.

LOCTITE Super Bond - quick drying glue

Universal instant glue. Content 3 g.

Kores Power Glue - quick drying glue

Universal quick dry glue. Glued cork, plastic, rubber, glass, metal, ceramics, etc., the immediate effect. Gel with...

Kores Power glue Gel - gel quick drying glue

Universal instant glue. Glues cork, plastics, gum, glass, iron, ceramics etc. Imediate effect. Gel with slow degree...

Loctite Super Attak Perfect Pen - super glue - 3 g

One-component gel instant glue in a pen-shaped package that squeezes comfortably to ensure accurate adhesive...

Loctite Super Attak Brush On - super glue with brush - 5g

Innovative, easy-to-use, universal cyanoacrylate instant glue.

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