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Dárek lipton fruit fusion malina a brusinka

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Milky Caramels - caramel candies - 325 g

Caramel candies filled with milk cream. Contents 325 g.

Schoko Toffees - chocolate caramels - 325 g

Delicious chocolate caramels covered in chocolate. Contents 325 g.

Werther's Original Cream Candies - cream candies - 90 g

Werther's Original Cream Candies. Content 90 g.

Sfinx Bon Pari Super sour - sweets

Sweets - Bon Pari super sour, 90 g

Bon Pari Citrus Mix - fruit sweets, 90 g

Bonbony - Bon Pari Citrus Mix, 90 g.

Hašlerky - bonbons

Herbal candies calm hoarseness and cough. 90 g

Eukalyptus Mentol - candies - 1 kg

Eucalyptus and mint candy.

Ice Roks - candies - 1 kg

1 kg hard candy with flavor.

Pikolo Fruit - candies - 1 kg

Pikolo Fruit. 1 kg content.

Orion Toffo Original - sweets

Sweets - Toffo original 90 g

Haribo Goldbären - gel sweets

Gold bears, gel sweets with fruit flavour, whithout fat. 200 g.

Haribo Happy Cola - jelly sweet

Jelly sweet. Flavour Cola, 100 g

Haribo Bucket - candies - 100 pcs

Fruit bears, jelly confectionery with fruit flavor, without fat. 980 g.

Mentos - individually wrapped fruit candies

Individually wrapped candy. Price per 200 pcs.

Mentos - individually wrapped candy

Individually wrapped candy. Price per 200 pcs.

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