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Are you wondering about the toner you want to buy? You have several options:

1. If you know the type of your printer you can use search engine for IT consumables.


Vyhledavač spotřebního materiálu

  • a) Choose the type of device (printer, fax...)
  • b) Choose the manufacturer (Hewlett Packard, Canon...)
  • c) Choose the type of your printer (DeskJet 3320...)

You will get results of all compatible toners (cartridges) for a given device ACTIVA offers.

Follow: Search IT consumables >


2. If you know the type of your toner or cartridge insert the code into search.

Umístění kódu na tonneru

You can find the code on the pack or the toner/cartridge itself. It is usually a combination of characters and numbers.

TIP! While inserting it try not to give dash or space.


3. The list of all IT consumables you will find it in the following categories:

IT consumables for ink printers and faxes
IT consumables for laser printers and faxes
Alternative supplies for printers and faxes



Are you making a decision on what type of toner/cartridge to buy? You may consider following pros and cons:


Original toners a cartridges

Originální tonery

+ Print quality – no ink leakage, jamming, no blurred print
+ Quality of ink and printing heads - optimized
+ Inteligent chips, ink layer warning
+ Warranty, trouble free claiming
+ Easy maintenace
- Price

Alternative toners a cartridges

Neoriginální tonery

+ Lower price than original toners
+ Easier maintenance than refilled toners
+ Some manufactureres provide almost the same quality and warranty
- Lower quality of ink and printing
- Faster wear-out of the printer
- Lower warranty, possibility of rejection of a claim

Refilled toners and cartridges

Repasované tonery

+ Lower price
- Transport of toners to the centre of refill
- Lower quality of ink and toner
- Risk of a printer damage