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Vileda - window cloth - 200 x 180 mm

The window cloth was developed by window cleaning experts and is made of the highest quality material. Cloth...

Egyptian cotton towels - 50 x 70 cm, checkered, 3 pcs

Checkered kitchen towels made of Egyptian cotton with high absorbency. They are great not only for wiping, but also...

Fino Green Life - microfiber cloth - 360 x 360 mm

Microfiber cloth contains 55% recycled polyester. Size 36 x 36 cm. Price for 1 piece.

Fino Silver Block Microfibre - microfiber cloth - 320 x 320 mm

Microfiber cloth containing silver nitrate. Size 32 x 32 cm. Price for 1 piece.

Scotch-Brite - microfiber cloth - 320 x 360 mm

Multifunctional microfiber cloth. Size 320 x 360 mm.

Scotch-Brite - universal cloth - 340 x 350 mm, 3 pcs

Universal wipes with the ability to absorb 5 times their own weight. Dimensions 340 x 350 mm. Price for 3 pcs.

Fino Silver Block - cleaning cloth - 380 x 380 mm, 2 pcs

Dust containing silver chloride, which prevents the development of bacteria and unpleasant odors. Perfect for...

Fino - bamboo cloth - 350 x 350 mm, 3 pcs

Multifunction cloth made from 100% bamboo and biodegradable. Dimensions 350 x 350 mm. Price for 3 pcs.

Vileda - sponge cloth - 3 pcs

Sponge cloth with high absorbency made of 100% natural material, cellulose and cotton. Price for 3 pcs.

Spontex Microfibre - microfiber cloth - 2 pcs

Microfiber cloth with 55% recycled fibers. High quality fabric with high efficiency and 3D texture.

Spontex TopTex - sponge cloth

Excelently sucks, anti-felt

Spontex - sponge towel

Excelently sucks, anti-felt

Söke - sponge cloth

Sponge cloth. Price per 3 pcs.

TESCOMA Uno Vino - cloth on the glass - 50 x 50 cm

Cloth made of special microfiber excellent for easy and quick dry and polish washed glasses of wine and drinking...

Spontex - quick-towel

Quick-wiper, 3 pcs in package.

SPONTEX Multiroll - gentle cloth in roll

Universal soft cloth on the roll. It is suitable for wet and dry use. It is possible to wash at low temperature...

Spontex Economic - multipurpose cloth

Multipurpose non-woven cloth for dry and wet cleaning. Price per 3 pcs.

Linteo Satin - duster

Swedish duster. Clears and cleans without chemical tools. 40 x 40 cm, 1 pce.

Spontex Soke Economy - Swedish dust cleaning cloth

Swedish dust cleaning cloth. 32 x 32 cm. Price per each

Utěrky - cloths for dishes

Cloths for dishes, 50 × 70 cm. Assorted colours. Price per 1 ks.

Spontex Antifungi - a sponge towel

Strong absorbent sponge towels that restrict mold development in the cloth. They absorb up to 13 times the water of...

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