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PANDA Natur linden tea - herbal tea

My favorite tea in febrile illnesses, colds and flu.

PANDA Natur Thyme - Herbal Tea

Tea of thyme is a good drink in the period with a higher incidence of upper respiratory tract disease, a positive...

PANDA Natur Mint - Herbal Tea

alleviates bloating, acts favorably on the secretion of gastric juices and bile.

Leros Good Being - Herbal Tea - Body Cleansing, 21 x 1,4 g

Purifying herbal tea containing dandelions and celery seeds will support the body's health and endurance. Content...

Leros Good Being - Herbal Tea - Slim Line, 20 pcs

An herbal blend with black and green tea that protects your body's cells, digestive mint and mate for water. Herbs...

Leros Good Being - Herbal Tea - Detox, 20 pcs

Herbal blend with dandelion and nettle to help detoxify your body. Herbs for cleansing the body. Content 20 x 1,5 g.

Leros Soothing - herbal tea - Chamomile & Lavender, 20 pcs

Herbal blend of chamomile and lavender, which relaxes the mind and helps to bring peace, mental and physical...

Leros Morning warm-up - herbal tea - Ginger & Myrtle, 20 pcs

Herbal mixture with myrtle and ginger for warming and circulating blood in the morning. Content 20 x 1,5 g.

Leros Inner Harmony - Herbal Tea - Basil & Mallow, 20 x 1,3 g

Herbal blend with sacred basil called tulsi, which helps reduce stress and find mental, physical and spiritual...

Leros Respiratory system - herbal tea - Rosehip & Elderflower, 10 x 1,5 g

Herbal blend with rosehip, elderflower, linden and goldenrod to boost defenses, especially in harsh autumn and...

Leros Bronchi - herbal tea - Rosehip & Linden, 10 x 1,5 g

Herbal blend with goodwill, fennel, linden and thyme to support normal respiratory function.

Leros Imunita - herbal tea - Linden, 10 x 1,5 g

Herbal tea from linden blossom to support the body's defenses, respiratory system and digestion. Content 10 x 1,5 g.

Leros Imunita - herbal tea - Elderflower, 10 x 1 g

Herbal tea from elderflower promotes body secretion and cleansing. In addition, it helps the normal functioning...

Leros Imunita - herbal tea - Rosehip, 10 x 2,5 g

Herbal tea from rosehip fruits to support the body's natural defenses and airway resistance. Content 10 x 2,5 g.

Leros Immunity vitamin C - herbal tea - Rosehip & Sea buckthorn, 10 pcs

Herbal blend with rosehip and sea buckthorn, a natural source of vitamins to support your immunity. Content 10 x...

Leros Imunita - herbal tea - Linden & Ginger, 10 x 2 g

Herbal blend to support your body's defenses. Content 10 x 2 g.

Leros Imunita - herbal tea - Echinacea & Daisies, 10 x 1,2 g

Herbal blend to support the body's natural defenses. Content 10 x 1,2 g.

PANDA Natur Balm - Herbal Tea

Balm tea evokes calm, pleasant sleep and good digestion. It is recommended especially for the elderly.

PANDA Natur Rosehip - herbal tea

Is a massive source of vitamin C, carotenoids and other substances that favorably influence organism to unfavorable...

PANDA Natur Chamomile - Herbal Tea

Traditional herbal tea for good digestion and mental relaxation.

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