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  • Centropen Permanent 2846 - marker, black

    Black plastic body. Protector with clip and plug in the color of ink. Permanent ink, water-resistant and weatherproof. Cylindrical spike, track width 1 mm.

  • Centropen 8566 - marker, black

    Black plastic body, top and cap with clip in colour of permanent ink, roung jag 2,5 mm. Package - 10 pcs, price for 1 pce.

List of products

Power 2300 - permanent marker

Grey plastic body cup in color of ink. Permanent ink. Round tip 1,5 mm.

Centropen White Permanent 8586 - special marker

Multipurpose white marker, for most of the surfaces. Water resistant, wont smear. Permanent water based ink . Store...

Centropen Marker 9100 - paint marker

Paint marker with a relief mechanism. He writes on non-porous surfaces, when dry resists water, abrasion,...

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