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Maped - pins for cork boards

Pins on cork boards. Ø 10 mm, 100 pcs in a carton. Mix colors. Box contains 100 pieces of pins. Price per box.

Staples Push Pins

Push pins for cork boards. Coloures mix.

Staples Map Pins

Board pins, 100 pcs.

Ron - pins

Pins RON, 50 g, 200 pcs.

Ron - colour thumb tacks

Colour thumb tacks, 100 pcs, diameter 8 mm.

Ron no. 201 - thumb tacks

Thumb tacks no. 201, package of 100 pcs. Diameter 14 mm.

Molho Leone - colour thumb tacks

Colored pins (plastic head), 350 pcs. Title ø 8 mm. Price per package.


Decorate with colored head pins, 100 pieces, length 35 mm.

Maped - mini pegs

Mini pegs - size 33 mm, 10 pcs. Assorted colours.

Maped - push pins - color, head diameter 10 mm, 100 pcs

Colored office pushpins Maped, package 100pcs. Head diameter 10 mm.

WeDo - marking flags - 18 x 10 mm, 20 pcs

Flags, 20 pcs in plastic box. Flag size 18 x 10 mm, suitable for cork and pin boards and display cases.

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