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Self-adhesive note-pads

Self-adhesive bookmarks


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Hopax Clearnote - shiny self-adhesive stripes

Self-adhesive neon stripes. Suitable for text corrections. Transparent neon foil, which does not lap the text of the...

Hopax Pop-up Flags - neon Z-note flags

Neon Z-note flags, arrow shaped. Suitable for text correction or as indices. Transparent, easy to write foil leaves...

Post-it 670/5 - notes markers

Post-it note markers, 5 colours, 15 x 50 mm, 5 x 100 sheets.

Post-it 671/3 - strips markers

Strips markers, 3 notes 25 x 76 mm, 3 x 100 sheets.

Post-it 670/4N - strips markers

Strips markers, 4 notes 20 x 38 mm, 4 x 50 sheets.

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