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Optys - book of coming and leaving

Book of coming and leaving without copy, book A4, 32 sheets.

Optys - cloak-room pad

Cloak-room pad, 1 - 200 nubers. Mix of colours.

Optys - revisory ticket

Two-fold revisory ticket ("clock card"), 18x19 cm, free sheet, carton sculpsited in the middle, price for 100 pcs.

Optys - inspectional notebook

Inspectional notebook A4, 3×25 paginated sheets without copy.

Optys - building journal paginated

Building journal paginated, with copy, book A4, 53 sheets.

Otys - Book of injuries

Non-numbered and non-duplicate form, red envelope. OPT 1229 - book, A4, 12 pages.

Optys - book for post evidence

Book for post evidence without copy, book A4, 80 sheets.

Optys - Operational machine diary

Non-duplicate form, without numbers, green envelope. OPT 1234, pad A4, 22 sheets.

Optys - visitors book A4

Visitors book A4 32l. Lamino.

Optys - building log - A4, NCR numbered, 128 sheets

A4 NCR Building log numbered (128 sheets). Self-copy workbook.

Book of incoming letters

Sewn manuscript book A4, 100 sheets

Labor Safety Notebook A5 (20l.)

Labor Safety Notebook A5 (20l.)

Optys - Požární kniha - A4, 48 listů

Sewnbook of arrivals/departures

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