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Office supplies for companies


A corporate customer is a legal or individual person who has been assigned an ID number.
For corporate purchases it is necessary to register in advance. By registering with us, you will get a number of benefits

Corporate customers will get a number of benefits from us:

  • Payment on invoice

    from the second order we will deliver the goods to you on an invoice with a 14-day maturity

  • Personal driver

    our driver will bring the goods to your table. And if you order next, it will come again.

  • Care of a sales representative

    it's good to know who you can contact. Advise, help, solve…

  • Rewards for your purchases

    are you going to shop regularly? So don't forget to register for the ACTIVA Plus loyalty program

  • An e-shop that adapts to you

    favorites, recently purchased goods, whisperer, etc. These are all functions that use the history of your previous purchases and thanks to that they can adapt the offer to you.

Do you meet the conditions for registration as a corporate customer, but do not want to register with us? You don't have to. You can shop with us in the end (non-corporate) customer mode. But you will lose many benefits.

What awaits you when purchasing in end customer mode?

  • Payment by online payment card or by cash on delivery

    We enable corporate customers to collect goods on an invoice.

  • Limited offer of goods

    We offer some goods only to corporate customers.

  • You will lose the ACTIVA Plus loyalty program

    Benefits of the ACTVAplus loyalty program

  • You will lose the care of a sales representative

    We will be happy to help you with your order via chat.

Orders in the mode of an end (non-company) customer cannot be transferred back to the account of the corporate customer.