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Do you need help in choosing an envelope? We will help you to choose the right envelope you want.

1. Do you want an envelope or a pocket envelope?

Envelope closure on a longer side, Pocket envelope closure on a shorter side



2. What size do you need?

Envelope type Size Content
DL 110 x 220 mm 1/3 A4 fits in (A4 folded twice)
C6 114 x 162 mm A6 fits in (A4 folded twice)
C6/5 114 × 229 mm 1/3 A4 fits in (A4 folded twice)
C5 162 × 229 mm A5 fits in (A4 folded once)
C4 229 x 324 mm A4 fits in
B5 176 × 250 mm C5 format
B4 250 x 353 mm C4 format
E4 280 x 400 mm B4 format


3. What material you want?

Bílé obálky Paper (white off-set 80 g/m, fine paper 90- 100 g/m or recycled paper – slightly grey or bleached)  
Textilní obálkyReinforced envelopes (cloth)
Barevné obálkyColoured envelopes
Kartonové obálkyCardboard envelopes
Bublinkové obálkyBubble envelopes – see the inner size of the envelope
Bezpečnostní obálkyPlastic - safety envelopes


4. What closure you want?

Gummed envelopes Self-adhesive envelopes Peel & seal envelopes
Traditional way of closing the envelope, you must moisten the flap and close the envelope. Adhesive on both flaps, easy to close the envelope. Adhesive on one flap protected by a strip. You simply peel and seal the envelope.
Obyčejné obálky Samolepicí obálky Obálky s páskem

Note. For machine-like processing of the envelopes you may only use envelopes with moistened flap (gummed) . The most common size for those is C6/5.


5. Where you can choose your envelope?

You may find envelopes in the following categories: