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Archiving equipment

Arch files


Arch file is a traditional way of organization and systemization of documents. Currently they come in a wide range of colours and types. How to choose a lever arch file?


Type of lever arch file/binder - there are two types, lever arch files and ring binders. Ring binders may have 2, 4 or more rings and it’s also suitable for presentation.


Pákový pořadač Kroužkový pořadač


Size - lever arch files come most commonly in A4 format and spine sizes of 50 - 80 mm, ring binders are also available in smaller size (from 30 mm). Some lever arch files have specific depth which makes it suitable for bank statements.


AccessoriesSurface – you may choose more durable plastic lever arch files, plastic coated or with protective laminated coating or you may go for cheaper cardboard or paper lever arch files.



Replaceable label – spine label holder

Metallic edge – for longevity

Closure mechanism (rado lock) – keeps lever arch file closed

Spine slot – for easier shelving

Inside pockets – eg. for CD



You may choose dozens of colours and different design.


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Archivační boxyArchiving box


For longterm storage you can make the use of archiving boxes where lever arch files and documents may be stored. They are stackable, save a lot of space and protect your documents against dust. Boxes can be stored in separate or in drawers, racks and archiving containers.

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Dividers help sorting documents in lever arch files and files.It can be plastic or paper. They usually come in A4 format and usually are coloured, numbered and indexed.

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Punched pockets


For safe filing of documents into lever arch file and protection. Punched pockets come in different types - glossy, matt or coloured. Apart from basic "L" a "U" types you can also get pockets with zipper or stud. Moreover you can get pockets with extended capacity, side pocket, pocket for business cards, etc..

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Type U

Opening from the top

Type L

Opening from the top and the longer side

Type L/U

Opening from the top and half of the longer side

Typ U Typ L Typ U/L  


File folders, file jackets and other filing accessories


Folders with press button

Folders with elastic holds

Folders with lace

Other folders

Spisovky s drukem Desky s gumičkou Desky s tkanicí Další spisové desky  

Folders with fast-clincher

Flat files

Suspension files and racks

Display books

Desky s klipem Rychlovazače Závěsné desky Katalogové knihy